Solarize Squirrel Hill

Solarize Squirrel Hill is a community-supported solar campaign providing multiple quotes from qualified, local solar installers so residents and business owners can compare prices and find the best solar solution for their homes and businesses.

Through Solarize Squirrel Hill residents will:

  • Get the most competitive pricing from pre-screened installers
  • Have access to financing options that are right for you
  • Take advantage of the 30% federal tax before it expires in 2016

Simply click on “Get Started” to register online and request bids from local installers. You can expect two installers to bid on your project.

Solarize Squirrel Hill is available for only a limited time. To take advantage of this program, residents and businesses must sign a solar contract by December 20, 2015.

Are you ready to get started?



“Our 12 solar panels were installed in May 2012. In comparison to my bills from the year prior to the installation and the year following, my bills were reduced by 33%. We have had about 2 to 3 months each year in which we produced more than we used so our bill for the usage was $0. Our total power produced from May 2012 through February 2015 was 8.81 MWh, enough to power 291 homes for one day and offset about 6 tons of Carbon, the equivalent of 156 trees. We have also received about $150 through a broker selling our solar renewable credits (SRECs). The price per credit has increased from $15 in March 2013 to $50 in November 2014.” – Barb Grover, Squirrel Hill resident.