Solarize Etna & Millvale


Etna seal2Solarize Etna & Millvale is a community-supported solar campaign providing multiple quotes from qualified, local solar installers so residents and business owners can compare prices and find the best solar solution for their homes and businesses. Solarize Etna & Millvale is made possible through the partnership with the Etna & Millvale Organization.

Through Solarize Etna & Millvale residents will:

  • Get the most competitive pricing from pre-screened installers
  • Have access to financing options that are right for you
  • Receive impartial assistance from our Solar Advisor

Simply click on “Get Started” to register online and request bids from local installers. You can expect about 2-4 installers to bid on your project.

Solarize Etna & Millvale finished at the end of June 2015. However, if you still want to received a quote for solar from one of our qualified installers, just click the blue button “Find Out if my Home is Good for Solar” in the upper right hand corner.

Are you ready to get started?

Millvale launch group photo

Solarize Millvale & Etna Launch Part on Feb. 18 with Solarize team: Millvale Councilman Brian Wolovich, Millvale Solar Ambassador Mandy Wolovich, Etna Borough Manager Mary Ellen Ramage, Etna Mayor Tom Rengers and SmartPower’s Sharon Pillar


Solar Works for the Millvale Community Library

The Millvale Community Library installed a 9.54 kW solar system in September of 2013. Since then, we have produced 13.07 MWh of electricity. In the spring of 2015, we will be completing two more installations totaling 12.925 kW (4.95 kW and 7.975 kW). This will bring our overall on-site system totals up to 22.465 kW of production at the Millvale Community Library.

Brian Wolovich, president and co-founder of the Millvale Community Library and Millvale Borough councilman said, “The Millvale Community Library decided to go solar because it fits with our mission, and provides an opportunity for us to work to stop climate change. Solar also supports our triple bottom line sustainability goals by shrinking our ecological impacts, shrinking our operating costs, and allowing us to redirect funding from the electric company and towards further engaging our community through increased library programming and operating hours. Our vision is for Millvale to become an urban solar village.”

See the Solar Edge monitoring dashboard that shows the solar production from the Library’s system:

Mel Packer & Emily DeFerrari enjoy their array

Mel Packer and Emily DeFerrari have a 4.32 kw 16 panel array in Point Breeze. Why did Mel and Emily decide to install solar? “We put panels on to reduce our load on the environment, both Federal and State credits were available which made it more affordable, and it seemed like the right thing to do in terms of both personal and political commitment to the struggle for environmental justice.”