Solarize Churchill, Wilkins & Chalfant


Solarize Churchill, Wilkins & Chalfant is a community-supported solar campaign providing multiple quotes from qualified, local solar installers so residents and business owners can compare prices and find the best solar solution for their homes and businesses. Solarize Churchill, Wilkins & Chalfant is made possible through the partnership with municipal officials of all three communities.

Through Solarize Churchill, Wilkins & Chalfant residents and business owners will:

  • Get the most competitive pricing from pre-screened installers
  • Have access to financing options that are right for you
  • Receive impartial assistance from our Solar Advisor

Simply click on “Get Started” to register online and request bids from local installers. You can expect two installers to bid on your project.

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Are you ready to get started?

dianne-burnham-and-house“I had 20 solar panels installed in April of 2014 and another 6 installed in December of that year.  I hope for another 10 panels this year on a carport roof. I’m a woman in my mid-70’s who knows nothing about the technology of solar panels, but what I do know is the dollar return on my investment.  I read my energy statements very carefully every month. I get at the very least a 5% return for my initial investments which is so much better than current CD returns. I am proof that non-technical folks can be successful in having solar installed and make a good return on investment.”
Dianne Burnham, Churchill resident