About Solarize Allegheny

Solar Testimonials

elly_fisher_family-photo“I always wanted to go solar but didn’t know that it was a good idea or so easy in Western PA. This was the easiest home improvement project I’ve done to date. Solarize connected me to the installers and they gave me quotes. I only had to choose between two quotes and then the panels were installed in under 2 days. On top of all that the tax credit means I get a refund this year rather than owning federal taxes.”

Elly Fisher, Friendship



RockyRocky2“I have nine – 230 watt modules (or 2.07 kW) with an Enphase micro inverter system that was installed in May of 2010 – and they also helps to charge my electric car. If one can have a hybrid car, why not a hybrid house?”

– Rocky Raco, Green Tree

John&JOni JohnandJodi2“Our 16-panel – 3.920 kilowatt (kW)-rated array is mounted on our 7-bay flat-roofed garage. We’ve been backing up the meter since May 2012, generating more than 80% of what we use. We regard our solar panels as one of the best investments we’ve ever made–for our small family but also for everybody’s future. We know there are no individual solutions to the world climate change crisis. Only political and social change will make the difference. But we sure love talking to passers-by about how our panels show how there’s real, cleaner ways to make energy other than burning coal, oil, and gas.”

– John Haer and Joni Rabinowitz, Park Place Neighborhood, Pittsburgh

ChrisHoward“We have a 4.4kW DC grid-tied, roof mounted, PV solar array consisting of 16 Solar World W275M mono panels with individual optimizers that was installed January 2014.

American-made panels using domestic sunshine to produce green power–what’s not to love about a system that saved us $500 in electricity costs in the first year? Knowing that we are helping the environment just feels right.”

– Chris and Sachiko Howard, Swisshelm Park neighborhood, Pittsburgh

JoySabl“As for reasons to install solar…I guess the most basic reason is that I think generating your own electricity should be the default, if you can do it. To put it another way, I had no reason not to!”

– Joy Sabl, Point Breeze neighborhood, Pittsburgh

Meribeth“I went solar because it was the way to go! It is kinder to the environment and in the long term kinder to my pocket book.”

– Meribeth Hook, Point Breeze neighborhood, Pittsburgh