About Solarize Allegheny

Our Installers

We make contacting qualified solar installers simple. All you need to do is request a quote through our online system, click HERE. We take over after that.

  • Your information will automatically be directed to all the installers in our program.
  • The installers will contact you if they need additional information or to schedule a visit to your home or business.
  • The installers will provide you with a quote so that you can compare them with one another.
  • Choose the installer that’s right for you and enjoy your solar electricity.

About our installers: Solarize Allegheny has pre-screened experienced, reputable solar installers to bring you the best service. Solarize Allegheny companies have more than three years solar installation experience, maintain high level training credentials through the North American Board for Certified Energy Providers (NABCEP) or other qualifications such as master electrician, have a good reputation in the community, maintain proper insurance coverage, are active members of the solar industry market with membership in organizations such as Solar Energy Industries Association and other trade groups, and they live and work in western Pennsylvania. Here is a list of our current installers participating in the program. Check back as other companies will be added. To request a quote, click HERE. Please do not contact the installers directly.


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