About Solarize Allegheny

About Solarize Allegheny

Solarize Allegheny started in February 2015 and since then almost 1,000 people across Allegheny County have signed up for solar quote through out program. We’re expanding solar across our county by making the purchase of solar more affordable and convenient for residents and businesses. Be a part of this exciting effort to bring more clean energy to our communities. With Solarize Allegheny, our goal is to double the amount of solar installed across our county over the next two years by using SmartPower’s proven, on-the-ground community outreach that demonstrates that solar makes sense for residents and business owners.

Solarize Allegheny was created with generous funding from the Heinz Endowments and the Allegheny County Health Department with the purpose of inspiring people in southwestern Pennsylvania to go solar and to make the process simple and easy for them to do so.

Solarize Allegheny will be ending on June 16, 2017.
If you sign a solar contract by June 16,
you will receive a $500 discount on your solar system! 

For more information, contact Sharon Pillar, Solarize Allegheny Project Director, at 412-215-5995 or spillar@smartpower.org.